Add personalized responsive web design with Algolia.


If you keep up with current trends you have probably seen The Social Dilemma. There they discuss how popular social media platforms like Facebook use AI to give each user their own personalized social media world. For better or worse personalized responsive web design is now the standard for the Internet. Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and others employ impressively smart and sophisticated search engines as part of their service. These algorithms will learn about their users and then give these users exactly what they want in the smartest way possible.

If you own, are work on, or thought about having a website I’m sure you wish you could employ this type of sophistication and nuance. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a search bar that will respond just like google and give you predictive text and predictive search results? What about being able to guess what a user meant to type in the search bar when misspelling words? All of this would be amazing. You could do this organically and create your own. However that would take it’s very own team of developers to do.

I recently learned that Algolia offers exactly this capability for businesses and companies. Customers have become accustomed to this personalized service from the big companies and you can offer it too. If you have search within your website it is probably not up to par. I know this personally as I recently used a bar search to look through Irvine's Machine Learning repository for datasets. Their search bar is sub-optimal and I remember thinking it was ironically bad for a Machine Learning website. However with the addition of Algolia to your website you can add customizable search, predictive text, and even make suggestions. Search is one of the most powerful and useful tools to have.

Algolia employs Artificial Intelligence and will work with your dataset to give your users impressively fast searches and even suggestions of related items. This can be for anything. If you sell food items or even a blog Algolia can help you.

What is even better is that it will track your users and tell you what they clicked on, how many clicks they took to find the product they wanted, and even the conversation rate(customers who bought something) for each individual item.

All of this would be enough to get me to use this service. However they go further and will even offer you ways to augment search results based on this information. For example if a user types in ‘cheap board games’ Algolia can let you target the keyword ‘cheap’ and then apply a filter for users who use it. This would then present items for sale order least to most expensive, for example.

All of this is remotely done and the search engine and server are optimed to be lightning fast. In fact it’s so impressively fast you couldn’t really beat it unless you only worked on the speed of your queries full time with a full team. I think you now understand why they are so fast.

There are 10 API options for traditional developers. This is the option I will employ and there is a Ruby on Rails framework integration for their Ruby API. What’s better they offer libraries for the front-end such as Algolia-helper-js which is very appropriate for JavaScript. This IS another JS library that I actually want to use.

Algolia reminds me of Tesla. That company deploys AI for the entire fleet of vehicles thus each car is constantly improving with the ever increasing dataset. The Algolia Search Engine is constantly optimizing and learning with each company and query they process. I am fully looking forward to adding This search feature to my sites in the future to make them smart too.