CART to pull through the complex issues.

Linear Regression, the simplest of Machine Learning techniques, is beautiful and works really well. Based on continuous numeric inputs it is easy and understandable like a fundamental truth. Logistic Regression(classification), is similarly simple and works equally well by simply substituting a category for a 1 or a 0. We can…

Ruby on Machine Learning

Software Development is all about getting different technologies to talk to one another. You talk to a website by putting the URL in your browser’s address bar and then click around. The Front-End page that loads is a Symphony of independent languages and frameworks working together to create the overall…

Typically in JavaScript front-end development you will add event listeners to very specific targets. React is different and because you are using scripting to create your HTML there may be unexpected behavior. Let me explain.

Take a Button class component you might create in react for example. I’ve seen this…

Randy Taylor

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